Dr. Maximilian Schich

The University of Texas at Dallas

Teaching at UT Dallas

Rome as Urban Systems
– Spring 2020, AHST 6322.001.20s – Topics in Data Driven Art History, https://go.utdallas.edu/ahst6322.001.20s.
Senior Seminar
– Spring 2020, ATCM 4397.003.20s, https://go.utdallas.edu/atcm4397.003.20s.
Social Networks
– Fall 2019, ATCM 3385.001.19f, https://dox.utdallas.edu/syl86627.
Senior Seminar
– Fall 2019, ATCM 4397.002.19f, https://dox.utdallas.edu/syl85513.
From Warburg to Deep Learning
– Spring 2019, AHST 6322.001.19s – Topics in Data Driven Art History, https://dox.utdallas.edu/syl81654.
Senior Seminar
– Spring 2019, ATCM 4397.008.19s, https://dox.utdallas.edu/syl81466.
Visualization and Info Design
– Fall 2018, ATEC 4364.001.18f – Topics in Design and Production, https://dox.utdallas.edu/syl78093.
Freshman Seminar
– Fall 2018, ATCM 1100.004.18f & ATCM1100.006.18f, https://dox.utdallas.edu/syl76464.
Understanding Urban Ecologies
– Spring 2017, ATEC 6389.003.17s – Topics in ATEC, https://dox.utdallas.edu/syl63790.
Visualizing Cultural Histories
– Spring 2017, ATEC 6353.001.17s – Visualization Research, https://dox.utdallas.edu/syl63719.
Data-Driven Art History
– Fall 2016, HUAS 6312.001.16f – Art and Society, http://go.utdallas.edu/huas6312.001.16f.
Understanding Art
– Spring 2016, AHST 2331.001.16s, http://go.utdallas.edu/ahst2331.001.16s.
Using Information Design to Think
– Fall 2015, ATEC 6353.001.15f – Visualization Research, http://dox.utdallas.edu/syl50508.
Form as Meaning
– Fall 2015, AHST 4342.001.15f – Topics in Art History, http://dox.utdallas.edu/syl50294.
Visual Sample and Remix
– Spring 2015, HUAS 6375.001.15s – Imagery and Iconography, http://dox.utdallas.edu/syl43868.
Understanding Urban Ecologies
– Fall 2014, ATEC 6389.001.14f – Topics in ATEC, http://dox.utdallas.edu/syl39671.
Interdisciplinary Approaches in Arts and Technology
– Fall 2014, ATEC 6300.001.14f, http://dox.utdallas.edu/syl43066.
Visual Sample and Remix
– Spring 2014, ATEC 4370.001.14s – Topics in ATEC, http://dox.utdallas.edu/syl39803.
Using Information Design to Think
– Spring 2014, ATEC 6353.001.14s – Visualization Research, http://dox.utdallas.edu/syl39804.
Networks and History
– Fall 2013, ATEC 6389.001.13f – Topics in ATEC, http://dox.utdallas.edu/syl34939.
Interdisciplinary Approaches in Arts and Technology
– Fall 2013, ATEC 6300.002.13f, http://dox.utdallas.edu/syl35727.
Ecology of Complex Networks
– Spring 2013, ATEC 6389.001.13s – Topics in ATEC, http://dox.utdallas.edu/syl33289.

Advising at UT Dallas

Individual instruction is not detailed here due to FERPA, a US federal law. Since 2013, I am engaged in individual instruction at UT Dallas in Arts & Technology and in Aesthetic Studies, so far including 9 PhD, 11 MA/MFA, and 3 undergrad students. The products listed below are public information.

PhD supervising chair (2 graduated)
Priyanka Sharma, ATEC PhD, 2018, supervising chair, Trends in Consumer Trend Analysis, candidate now Lead Online Marketing Manager, AT&T Digital Marketing.
Judd Bradbury, ATEC PhD, 2016, supervising chair, The Data Narrativist [outlining an emerging C-level executive role], candidate now Clinical Assistant Professor, Information Systems, UT Dallas JSOM.

PhD co-supervisor (3 graduated/5 ongoing)
Louis Burns, ATEC PhD, 2017, co-supervisor Social Gaming as a Particiatory Urban Design Process, candidate now building non-profit Urban Prosperity Network.
Debra Gibney DeWitte, Aesthetic Studies PhD, 2016, co-supervisor, Public Exhibitions of Drawing in Paris, France (1860-1890) [data-driven], candidate previously(!) co-authored the current #1 Art History book on Amazon.com!

Teaching previous to UT Dallas

Schich, Maximilian & Katharina Zweig: Vernetzungen und Verstrickungen / Digital Humanities and the New Science of Complex Networks [three day course] (September 10-12, 2012), Marsilius-Kolleg, Rupert-Karls-University Heidelberg, Germany, http://www.marsilius-kolleg.uni-heidelberg.de/studien/sose2012.html

Complexity of Space Documentation: Ambiguity, Heterogeneity and Dynamics. [Three hour seminar] (August 8, 2012), Université d‘Été, Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland, https://yverdonlesbainsfuture.wordpress.com/courses/

Complex Structure in Digital Collections [2 hour excerpt] (October 2, 2011), Media Art Histories master programme, Department for Image Science, Donau-Universität Krems, Austria

Complex Structure in Digital Collections [2 day lecture] (June 16-17, 2010), Digital Collection Management certified prog., Department for Image Science, Donau-Universität Krems, Austria

Schich, Maximilian & Stefan Hertle. Tutorium zur Zwischenprüfung Kunstgeschichte [Survey of Munich and Western Art History], WS 1999/2000 undergrad course, Institute for Art History, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany